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How to Make Guacamole: Simple and Delicious Appetizer

How to Make Guacamole: Simple and Delicious Appetizer

Guacamole is one of those magical foods that can be eaten by itself or used as a condiment or a side.

So if you’re wondering what to take to your next neighborhood get together or family party, put guacamole right at the top of your list.

You’ll have folks asking you for your recipe in no time.

Choosing Your Avocados

You want to choose 3-5 avocados that are right on the verge of being soft when you squeeze them.

If they feel like a baked potato, leave them alone. If they feel like a baked potato that needs 10 more minutes, you’ve found your first ingredient.

Now, sometimes it’s darn near impossible to find a ripe avocado.

No worries! If you place your avocados in a paper bag over night, you’ll be golden by the next afternoon.

Slicing Your Avocados

When making guacamole, your avocados don’t need to be sliced exquisitely.

Just cut those suckers in half, take out the seed (AND SAVE IT!) and spoon out the fruit into a bowl.

You’re just going to mash it anyway.

No sense is spending time cutting them for presentation. Plus, you might cut your hand.

Did you know that Avocados are the number one reason for Emergency Room hand lacerations? It’s true.

Don’t be a statistic!

Adding Ingredients

Once your avocados are cut and in your bowl, add 1-2 large tomatoes diced and seeds removed.

You can use Roma tomatoes or regular vine ripened tomatoes.

I pick whatever is cheapest at the grocery store.

Next, add ¼ C of chopped red or purple onion, 1-2 limes juiced and 2 tsp of salt. In this recipe I’ve used Redmond Real Salt.

It’s a local salt from my beautiful State of Utah. It comes from an ancient sea bed and contains all natural minerals that are beneficial and good for you. If you’d like to see more about Redmond Real Salt click here


Combining Ingredients

Next, mash all ingredients together with a fork. I prefer my guacamole on the chunky side so I can taste those awesome avocados but you do you! When you’ve reached the consistency you want, take that seed you set aside earlier and place it right in the middle of your guacamole. It will keep it fresh much longer than normal.
So there you have it, tasty, zesty and party stopping guacamole. You may want to have some 3×5 cards with the recipe on it ready to hand out! Enjoy!


3-5 Avocados

1-2 Large Tomatoes- Roma or Vine Ripened

¼ C Chopped Purple or Red Onion

1-2 Limes- Juiced

2 Tsp Salt



Slice Avocados lengthwise and remove fruit and place in bowl. Set aside seeds

Dice Tomatoes and remove seeds- add to bowl

Chop Onion to your liking- add to bowl

Squeeze Lime into bowl

Add salt to mixture

Mash with a fork to your desired consistency


Tools Used

Redmond Real Salt



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