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The BLT is a classic summer staple around here. My kids love them, my wife loves them and I love them.

We try our best to grow tomatoes in our garden each year.  Fresh garden tomatoes make this sandwich that much better. If you have access to home grown tomatoes I will suggest you take advantage of that and add them to your sandwich.

While store bought are good and convenient, there’s just something about straight from the garden tomatoes that are a bit magical.

But enough about tomatoes because all the elements of this sandwich are equally delightful. 




Oh, and you cannot forget the mayo!

The mayo is what binds everything together and makes all the flavors dance in your mouth.

Now, you can grab your mayo and spread it on the bread and be done with it.

Or you can take an extra minute to add something a little extra to your mayo to make those taste buds really burst.

It’s nothing fancy or something you won’t be able to find either. 

Are you ready for the simple secret ingredient for your mayo?

Simply add Garlic Pepper to your mayo, mix together in a small bowl and you have elevated the classic BLT just like that!

I use the Garlic Pepper from Redmond Real Salt 


I also cooked our bacon on my Traeger Grill Pro575 . 

So go on now-  grab some bread, tomatoes, lettuce, bacon, mayo and Garlic Pepper and have yourself an amazing BLT tonight.

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